Special Topic Groups

Special Topic Groups are the core of ANCST at the regional level. They are composed of ANCST Members working together on a clearly defined specific topic related to climate science and technology. Special Topic Groups organise workshops and training courses, implement joint research, exchange research findings, create common data bases, etc. They are associated with at least two Country Pilots and have an international committee.


List of ANCST Special Topic Groups:

Special Topic Group 1: Disaster Prevention and Climate Resilience
Special Topic Group 2: Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change
Special Topic Group 3: Climate Change Mitigation, Carbon Sequestration and Low                                                               Carbon Economy
Special Topic Group 4: Atmosphere-ocean Interactions
Special Topic Group 5: Climate Related Data for Variability and Change in Regions
Special Topic Group 6: Urban Climate Change and Resilience
Special Topic Group 7: Climatic Hazards and Heritage Areas
Special Topic Group 8: Flood and Anthropogenic Activities
Special Topic Group 9: Climate and Biodiversity
Special Topic Group 10: Climate, Ecosystems Change and Services