Urban Meteorology and Climate Conference


25-26 May 2017

Lecture Theatre 12, Academic Building 1, City University of Hong Kong

According to the United Nations, since 2008, over half of the world’s population resides in urban areas, and the percentage continues to increase. This is especially the case for most Asian countries. Urbanisation has led to changes in land use, water availability and air quality, all of which have impacts on the meteorology and climate of not only the urban areas but the surrounding non-urban areas.

This conference therefore attempts to provide a forum for scientists to discuss the different aspects of urban meteorology and climate, especially focusing on the situations in Asia. The topics to be covered include:

  • Air pollution – observations, modelling, its impact on weather and climate
  • Land-use change and its impact on weather and climate
  • Urban flooding
  • Water availability

Please visit the official website for further details of the conference: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/gcacic/umcc.htm

To download the presentations, please click this link: http://www.cityu.edu.hk/gcacic/umcc2.htm