The Great Reset Dialogue: Climate Reset

Putting the world back on a path of sustainable, equitable and prosperous development will require more than a global recovery led by a few. Instead, it will require a Great Reset that places all citizens, particularly young people, at the heart of economic, social and environmental systems.

The Global Shapers Community’s Great Reset Dialogue is the first intergenerational lab aimed to connect young people with the knowledge, networks and tools to help drive a Great Reset. The lab aims to advance a mature model of youth activism, focused on self-awareness, systems leadership and intergenerational ally ship.

Global Shapers Community Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with UINSPIRE Malaysia with support from ANCST and other partners is hosting a dialogue with all interested citizens and stakeholders as part of the World Economic Forum’s Davos Dialogues Week. This will ensure all interested citizens; especially young people will have the chance to shape the Great Reset. The Dialogue will involve youth representatives from organisations in Kuala Lumpur that are working directly with stakeholders in addressing issues related to the Climate Reset. It aims to connect youths and young professionals in Kuala Lumpur with the knowledge, networks and tools to help drive a Great Reset in Kuala Lumpur.

Further details please visit this link : Program Brochure & Poster